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Daytime Netball

Tuesday Ladies

Wednesday Ladies

Thursday ladies

Sunday Netball

Coordinator: Heather
Daytime Coordinator: Narelle
When: Courtside offers Senior Netball on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. We also operate Daytime Netball on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Evening Details: On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights we run both Ladies and Mixed competitions. Games commence at 6:15pm and continue in 40-minute timeslots (4 x 9-minute quarters) until our final timeslot at 9:35pm.
On Tuesday nights we run Ladies only. Again times range from 6:15pm in 40-minute timeslots until 9:35pm.
On Sunday evenings we run Mixed Netball. Games commence at 5:05pm and continue in 45-minute timeslots (4 x 9-minute quarters) until the final timeslot at 7:20pm. Sundays is promoted as a social competition with the emphasis on enjoying your game!
Daytime Details: Daytime netball runs on a slightly different schedule. Games are played over 45-minute timeslots (4 x 10-minute quarters). Games are played Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays with games starting at 9:30am, 10:15am, 11:00am and 11.45am.
Creche facilities are available for all daytime game times.
Nominations: To nominate, please visit our nomination page where you can register online. Or, contact us for more information.
Fees: Once in the competition, your weekly game fee is $80 per team for weeknights, $65 per team for daytime, and $60 for Sundays.
Umpires: Our umpires are all highly experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring all games are played in a sportsman-like manner.
If you would like to join our team of umpires, please contact us.
  • Weekend Ladders Date: Monday, 08 August 2011

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  • Daytime Ladders Date: Monday, 08 August 2011

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  • Evening Ladders Date: Monday, 08 August 2011

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  • Daytime Fixtures Date: Monday, 08 August 2011

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  • Evening Fixtures Date: Monday, 08 August 2011

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  • Weekend Fixtures Date: Monday, 08 August 2011

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Team Nominations
Nominations should be received prior to the season commencing although late applications will be accepted if there is space available. Should nominations exceed the space available places will be allocated on a first-in basis although preference is given to existing teams competing at Courtside. Teams may transfer to where space is available. The Sports Co-ordinator reserves the right to accept or reject any nomination received.

Every senior team is required to pay a registration fee of $60. This fee must be paid with your nomination.

Duties of Team Captain
Upon signing the team nomination form the captain (as on the nomination form) agrees to be personally liable for any fines that may be imposed upon the team as a result of the team forfeiting a game or withdrawing from the competition.

The team captain is responsible for ensuring game fees are paid at least 5 minutes prior to the start of play. Failure to do so will result in a late start and teams will be penalised with points, runs or goals deducted as appropriate (refer to the game regulations displayed within the centre).

Dress Standards
Appropriate sporting attire must be worn during play. All teams are required to be in a common team shirt (the same colour and shade) by the sixth week of competition (refer to the game regulations). The Co-ordinator reserves the right to determine whether team strips are suitable.

Courtside does not provide netball bibs to all teams. Soccer tops and basketball singlets will be provided where team colours conflict.

Only non-marking sports shoes in good condition must be worn. Players not in correct shoes will not be allowed to participate.

Player Qualification for Finals
For senior teams, all players must have played a minimum of 5 regular season games for the team they represent to qualify for the finals. The minimum for ladies daytime competitions is 3 games.

The first five weeks of the season are used to monitor the progress of teams and evaluate their grading. The Sports Co-ordinator reserves the right to alter or amend a team’s grading from time to time. Teams may request a grade change but the decision of the Sports Co-ordinator shall be final.

Player Shortages
We have regular inquiries from individuals of all standards who are keen to join teams permanently or as fill-ins. Please contact your Sports Co-ordinator if your team is short of players.

Season Fixturing
Teams will be given game times on a weekly basis for the first 5 to 6 weeks of the season. This allows for grading changes and for any new teams to be added to the competition. Thereafter fixtures are prepared in 5 to 8 week instalments. It is the team’s responsibility to collect a copy of these fixture lists or to ensure you know your game time for the next week by checking the times displayed on the office window. Copies of the fixtures can be collected at the window next to reception during the day/night of your competition. Fixtures are also posted on our website.

All teams should expect an even spread of time slots over the season. Generally teams not able to play early games tend to get more late games (and vice versa). If you have difficulty with a particular game time, contact your Sports Co-ordinator. We will endeavour to help you wherever possible within the limitations of the fixturing.

Format for Finals
The finals format splits teams into groups of 4 (where possible) according to their position on the premiership ladder. If a grade has 7 teams or less the teams ranked 1 to 4 on the ladder at season end will play finals. If a grade has 8 to 11 teams competing 2 groups will play in the finals – teams ranked 1 to 4 will play in one finals group and teams ranked 5 to 8 will play in another finals group.

The semi-final format is 1 versus 4, and 2 versus 3 with the winners playing in the grand final. In the event of a drawn semi-final, the team finishing higher on the premiership ladder advances to the grand final. In the event of a drawn grand final refer to the game regulations.

Teams must have played a minimum of 10 regular season games to be eligible to participate in finals. Normal game fees apply for all finals.

Public Holidays
Please be aware that games are played as normal on Public Holidays unless otherwise notified on your fixture.

Umpires are provided by Courtside for all games. We welcome inquiries from anyone who may be interested in umpiring or undertaking an umpiring course at Courtside.

There is no First Aid Officer in attendance at Courtside. However most of the staff at Courtside have undertaken basic training in how to deal with sports injuries. We have also prepared a list of local medical centres and practitioners for referral purposes. A basic range of medical supplies is stocked for emergencies.

A game will be declared a forfeit when:

  • A team is not ready to play within (10) ten minutes of the scheduled start time
  • A team fails to honour their fixtured game (this includes finals).

Any team forfeiting within 48 hours will incur the following:

  • A $20 forfeit fine, PLUS
  • A DOUBLE game fee

Any team forfeiting outside 48 hours will incur the following:

  • A $20 forfeit fine, PLUS
  • A SINGLE game fee

Fines must be paid before a team can compete in the next fixtured game.

Team Withdrawals
A team withdrawing from the competition will be subject to a withdrawal fine of $150 plus any outstanding fees incurred prior to withdrawal. In addition the team withdrawing forfeits its bond.

Teams withdrawing must do so in writing and give two weeks notice

Conduct and Behaviour
All teams, players and spectators at Courtside must abide by the centre’s rules and regulations. These are in place so that everyone can enjoy their sport. Our referees, umpires and staff do their utmost to provide a friendly and professional sporting environment. We expect the same from our players. Abusive language or behaviour will not be tolerated for whatever reason and Courtside will act swiftly to impose penalties for misconduct. Courtside reserves the right to evict any individual or team from the competition during the season due to misconduct.

If a player is under the influence of alcohol and is considered to be endangering themselves or others they will not be permitted to play.

Brawls or melees of any nature will not be tolerated. Any team involved in a melee will be evicted from the Centre and a $500 fine will be imposed.